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Race for the Cup

August 17, 2012

The Presidential Race is on folks .  .  .  .  .  . aaaand there off!  It’s a certainty that Romney and Obama will be vying for the coveted Presidential Cup this November.  Predicting a winner will be difficult, however, as neither stable has produced a very strong showing thus far.  What can be forecast are the conditions and if recent news stories are any indication, it looks as though the Race will be run under sloppy conditions, meaning the best “mudder” will win.  That’s all fine and dandy except with the country in dire need of a true and competent leader – a hero, if you will – to front the charge out of the morass in which this country’s engulfed, the end result will be that we, the spectators, already standing waist-high in the muck, will be the ones splattered with mud.  And most of that splatter will come from the the mud being slung from both stables.  Yes, folks, it will be messy. 

Generating enough mud to sling on a constant basis requires a lot of help from one’s friends – which neither stable seems to be in short supply.  Romney has the financial backing of the rich and powerful, ultra-conservative Super Pacs;  A fairly straight forward proposition.  Obama has the financial backing of “donations” from a bevy of “grass roots” groups whose primary funding is provided by billionaire George Soros;  More of a round-a-bout proposition.  In any event, it’s still a lot of mud.

So folks, it’s damn the issues and full speed ahead.  Because no matter what type of snorting or whining comes out of either stable, the mud is going to fly and whomever acquires the most spoils will be the victor .   .   . Steer clear of the rails!

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